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Windows Application

Windows mobile devices can be used to make claims on our dedicated Windows application. This is available through the Windows App Store on the device.

Type in MEO-Business on the Windows device and select our application to download this to the device. Once downloaded onto the device tap the MEO-Business app icon to enter the app.

The web address will need to be entered into the app to login to the specific MEO-Business site. Username/email address and password will also need to be entered, then tap Sign In

Windows App

This screen shows 3 sections Draft, Submitted and Completed

This shows all claims within those sections so claims can be easily tracked.

The Draft section shows all claims you have that are awaiting to be submitted to the manager.

The Submitted claims are the claims that are currently sat with the manager.

The Completed section shows all claims that have been paid.

Tap on the Plus icon to start creating a claim.

Windows App

A Claim Type will need to be set for the claim, this can be selected by using the Claim Type dropdown box.

A Description of the claim will also need to be entered before progressing to the next stage of the claim assistant.

Once these details are set, tap the Tick icon.

Windows App

Windows App

Tap on any of the square icons to open up that specific category selection, the icons indicate which type of expenses can be claimed using the category selection.

The app will only support standard purchase claim lines, so as such only these categories will be made available on the application. To continue with the claim assistant tap any icon and then select one of the categories.

Windows App

Populating claim information is very straight forward on the windows device, once the category is selected, photograph of the receipt is added and the amount is attached, the line is ready to be uploaded into your draft claims.

Windows App

You can take a photograph of the receipt from the device or you can select the photograph of the receipt from the library of the device. No receipt can also be selected.

Windows App

A description must be added to the line to finalise this, this could be a description of the train journey or the destinations visited.

Once you are happy with the information that has been filled out, the Tick button can be tapped to upload the line and save this to your draft claims.

Windows App

This screen shows the line has been uploaded and the line can be reviewed by clicking on the line itself, this will open the claim line up so it can be edited.

There are also 3 buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The Arrow icon will submit the claim to the manager

The Bin icon will delete the claim line.

The Plus icon will enable you to add more lines to the claim.

Windows App

The settings button can be clicked from the homescreen of the app, this is for logging out of the app and navigating to Authorise claims on the application.

Windows App

Download the Windows Application Here

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